EMR 3.0 is a unique scenario based upon the Aleph One (Marathon) engine. It is a first-person action adventure game, featuring an epic and in-depth story line. As a Federation Marine resting after your last mission, you start aboard the exploration class Starship Kronos where you learn that your real mission has yet to begin. You are re-acquainted with the AI Merlin, who introduces you to Kronos time traveling technology, and reveals your new mission: to save mankind from the clutches of Morgana and her minions. Through untamed raptor-infested jungles, castle arenas, and war-torn streets of the future, you will wield weapons from all time periods - including the Sword of Power, Excalibur - in an effort to thwart the diabolical plot that unfolds. The EMR adventure, spread across 42 solo levels, weaves a tale of truth and honor, knighthood and bravery, and darkness and treachery. EMR also delivers 27 adrenaline pumped network levels. EMR immerses you in an amazing new world, creating an addictive, fun and unique gaming experience.

For those that played EMR under the old Marathon Infinity engine, EMR 3.0 brings exciting new maps, new high resolution textures and landscapes, a completely new set of weapons, new monsters and friends, new scenery, new 16-bit sounds, original music, and a carefully woven original story line that transcends time. Using the Aleph One engine, EMR now sports loads of new special features using Aleph One's MML and Lua scripting languages. Please note that the AlephOne engine is old technology improved. Architecture is still simulated 3D, so there are no ramps, bridges, and balconies, nor horizontal doors. The sprites in EMR are made up of 2D images posed in different views, not 3D models. Do not expect the latest state-of-the-art graphics engine, but you can expect an intriguing storyline, creative map architectures, engaging graphics, original spellbinding music, and mood-setting sound effects.

Here's just a sample of the new and exciting features available in EMR 3.0:
  • Levels with fog and mist
  • Persistent effects such as poison, earthquakes, fire storm spell, and timed grenades
  • Original MP3 music
  • 12 unique weapons, including a new Dragon Flamer and T9000 Railgun
  • New spells for your wand, including fire storm, teleportation, and raise the dead
  • Beautifully rendered OpenGL textures and landscapes
  • New graphics for Morgana, the Trex, raven, and Jurassic bug
  • A huge variety of new hi-res scenery items
  • New holodeck programs, including driving a Flintstone mobile through Bedrock!
  • Blood Gulch style net map with 8 simulated net players and a huge battlefield
  • A basketball court netmap where grenades in a basket win points for your team
  • A beautiful new future level that let's you drive a Hoverbike!
  • A total of 5 brand new solo maps and 4 new net maps
  • Lots of updated maps with new areas, new tasks, new features, and new secrets
  • New powerups, such as apples, bananas, health kits, emergency kits, and finally a use for all those magic scrolls!
  • And much, much, more...

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